For 18 months or more a group of people on the east coast of Lincolnshire that have a love of riding bikes met up every other week at a little cafe in Mablethorpe, to talk bikes, ride outs and general bollocks.

A new bike night started up in September 2013

Meeting up every Thursday in the sea side village of Sutton-on-sea, in a pub called the Beach bar. we started to frequent this bike night. In time it soon became apparent that some of us wanted more, more structure, more involvement, something to be apart of. In the October a meeting was held, and out of the meeting

Broken Chain riders club was born.

To start off with we had some really testing times, members not liking what the officers where planning for ride outs and events, but would not step up to organize or plan shit. arguments and conflict became common place at meetings. members stared handing their patches in and running for the hills because they had realized they was not suited to a bike club. Things started to get better with time, less arguments, more friendship trust loyalty and respect was building strong, building up to what could be a brotherhood.

in July 2014 we decided that the "riders club" label should be dropped as people and other clubs called us and knew us just as Broken Chain. in the August we left the Beach Bar and moved to Alford, in to our very own private club house with camping/rally field.

Broken Chain had become the brotherhood that we wanted.

​some couldn't take the ride early on, didn't fit in, got scared and jumped off, but those that stayed put in the hard work helped shape Broken Chain and found love trust loyalty respect and true brotherhood.

we don't care what you ride just make sure you do.

We respect all those that respect us,

Broken Chain is and always will be.

Blood makes you family but the road, respect, trust, love, and loyalty makes you Brothers.